Breaking Down the ‘Fundraising Journey’

Can you really tell if an LP is close to a commitment or just showing you some “LP love?”

Fundraising truly is an art.  Ask anyone who has gone through it…there are investors who come into the fund that you never expected and others that you were confident were going to commit, but in the end don’t.

This year we’ll highlight two different conversations between a GP and one of their key LPs. I’ll be engaging in a discussion with Carmichael Roberts (Material Impact) and Jessica Reed Saouaf (Hall Capital) will be with Kirsten Green (Forerunner) talking about the fundraising journey:  getting to know each other, going through the diligence process, getting to the finish line, and the story of our continuing LP/GP relationships.

As co-producers of the programming for RAISE, Joanna Drake of Core Venture Partners and I are excited to offer these insightful discussions.

I look forward to seeing you all in the Presidio on May 10th!

Lisa Edgar (Top Tier Capital Partners)

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